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Stephen Locke Earns Vimeo Staff Pick With Arcus Cloud Kansas City

I shot this movie in Kansas City friday night August 29. After 24 hours in post production I uploaded it to Vimeo theView full post »

Revisiting the Mapleton, Iowa Tornado

I was in the town Mapleton, Iowa as it was hit by a tornado April 9, 2011. Today I retrieved some archived MesoscaleView full post »

Suicide Hill

Perhaps every town has a Suicide Hill. Large towns may have more than one! This one is located in the Brookside area ofView full post »

Kansas Rated In World’s Top Seven Places To Watch Sunsets

Green Landscapes rated Kansas in the top seven places in the world to view a sunset. Furthermore, Kansas was the onlyView full post »

Minus Nine and the Hoar Frost Bloom

When I learned the temperature in Kansas City was going to plunge well below zero I couldn’t wait to get out earlyView full post »

Shock and Awe; The West Point Supercell

The 2013 storm season was notable for producing several slow moving supercells including this one on June 14th west ofView full post »

The Rozel, Kansas Tornado by Stephen Locke

I’m in a mood. I’ve been forecasting daily for the unusual possibility of tornadic weather on October 3rdView full post »

Kansas; Worst Scenery in America?

Business Insider Magazine polled 1603 respondents asking which state in the Union has the worst scenery. Map above  View full post »

Storm Chase Account August 1-2, Nebraska – Kansas

Morning of August 1st I woke up in a fog. Literally! A foggy truck stop in Nebraska City, Nebraska. If I could playView full post »

Watonga Supercell; A Retrospective

Inspired by my recent publication via Andrews McMeel Publishing, I thought I’d revisit the amazing WatongaView full post »

First Blog Post- Where in the Universe Am I Going?

Having made the commitment to blog I now venture into uncharted space. The intention has been set to boldly go whereView full post »