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Kansas Rated In World’s Top Seven Places To Watch Sunsets

Green Landscapes rated Kansas in the top seven places in the world to view a sunset. Furthermore, Kansas was the onlyView full post »

Wolf Moon Waxing

Monument Rocks, Kansas. The Wolf Moon is full on January 15th. (this print may be purchased click here) Two years ago IView full post »

Minus Nine and the Hoar Frost Bloom

When I learned the temperature in Kansas City was going to plunge well below zero I couldn’t wait to get out earlyView full post »

Shock and Awe; The West Point Supercell

The 2013 storm season was notable for producing several slow moving supercells including this one on June 14th west ofView full post »

The Kite Builder

I met an eccentric fellow named Don Larkie. He builds kites by hand and claims to own at least 500! The kites in thisView full post »

Misty Morning On the Edge of Time

September 25. Standing at water’s edge I watched the sun rise through the mist on Wyandotte County Lake. It wasView full post »

Farmers Market at Sunrise

I love the energy of the Overland Park Farmers Market at the break of dawn. Golden sunlight pours into the plazaView full post »

Morn; Seven Sunrises

The same old sun rises every morning yet when my mind is present, alive and in the moment no two are alike. Each sunriseView full post »

Greaserama; Vintage Cars and Trucks

I visited Greaserama at the Platte County Fairgrounds inTracy, MO on Saturday, 31 August 2013. It’s a retro themedView full post »

Santa Cali-Gon Festival

I attended the Santa Cali-Gon Festival yesterday. Just got my film developed at the drugstore and I’m so excitedView full post »

The Sunflower Project

I photographed sunflowers over a period of several days. My goal was to capture this landscape at all hours- morning,View full post »