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How to Make Cultured Vegetables

Cultured (fermented) vegetables have become part of my daily diet. They are a living probiotic food that taste deliciousView full post »

New Year’s Revolution

The Food Revolution is here! The time has come to let go of deep seated nutrition beliefs such as those above. BigView full post »

Sugar: The Bitter Truth

This image of a cookie, cake and candy platter in my gym reminds me of the way sugar has become ubiquitous in AmericanView full post »

Saturated Fat and Cholesterol; Innocent Bystanders…

Many of you know I’m an advocate the Paleo Diet. The Paleo Diet favors nutrient dense meat and vegetables andView full post »

Farmers Market at Sunrise

I love the energy of the Overland Park Farmers Market at the break of dawn. Golden sunlight pours into the plazaView full post »

First Blog Post- Where in the Universe Am I Going?

Having made the commitment to blog I now venture into uncharted space. The intention has been set to boldly go whereView full post »