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New Year’s Revolution

The Food Revolution is here! The time has come to let go of deep seated nutrition beliefs such as those above. Big changes are coming in 2014. It’s not just me, its happening world-wide! Like all worthy revolutions it begins at ground level and works it’s way up. A quiet LCHF (low carb high fat) revolution is taking place. Government is slow to evolve but Sweden is leading the way by becoming the first Western nation to develop national dietary guidelines that reject the popular low-fat diet dogma in favor of low-carb high-fat nutrition advice.

Meanwhile in the United States we still have this (left), the USDA food pyramid based on starch and grain. Even my local health food store (right) promotes the idea that health starts with bread (and eggs are bad). Rebel that I am, I now subscribe to the LCHF Pyramid (center) that is based on protein, low starch vegetables and healthy fat.

You may know I briefly broke from my paleo regimen to play in the kitchen making home made bread, pasta, French toast and pizza. It is important to understand that the aforementioned foods are starch which is just glucose (sugar) molecules linked together. Ergo, bread is sugar. Pasta is sugar. Pizza is sugar. The United States government told us to eat this stuff- How long before they change? Hard to say. They’ve got a lot invested in those industries via agricultural subsidies…. Anyway, my bottom-line and waistline hit 215 lbs in November so I quit cooking that way!

On December 1st of this year I began eating properly again and committed to losing 15 lbs by New Year’s Day.

I like the Keep Calm message on these mugs. By eating a low carb diet the sugar cycle is broken and cravings subside. The metabolism burns fat instead of sugar and cruises smoothly like a ship on calm water.




This scale progression illustrates my weight reduction during the month of December.







Success! On December 31st I achieved my goal of 199. By and large I lost this weight without exercise. While exercise is important to overall health it is not necessary for weight loss. The adage is true, “Abs are created in the kitchen”. A low carb high fat (LCHF) diet stops blood sugar spiking and allows hormone levels to stabilize. Hunger and cravings subside. When I eat I do so by consuming nutrient dense food. I eat less often while getting all the nutrition I need. I do not count calories.








My before and after comparison photos! All kidding aside, I’m at 199 lbs. now on my way down to 180. Perhaps then I will ever so slightly resemble the guy on the right. Follow this blog as I post more about my progress in 2014. I will also be posting tutorial videos about Paleo and Ketogenic cooking. Stay tuned and happy 2014!


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